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Just before the camera, this pretty young lady gets ready to receive a hottest preliminary that she has ever lived. His guy is an ugly fetishist who loves everything from his feet and who swears by those members who are sources of pleasure for him.

A small massage to begin with

These feet are true masterpieces of nature. A fine and well designed shape, perfect toes and of course an extra softness. The guy grabs this female feet and quietly starts to massage them. He first takes the left and begins with the toes pressing gently to relieve them. Then he massages the plantar with his big fingers and passes to the other foot and repeats the same thing. Seeing the girl enjoy this great massage pleasure, it comes to the idea of ​​giving her even more satisfaction with another less conventional technique. Also, he takes the right foot and begins to kiss him on the leg and gently descends to the end of that limb.

An adoration for the most beautiful feet in the world

The couple is totally in the atmosphere of foot fetish, the guy engages in foot worship. He takes the foot in his hand and begins to kiss and then licks the underside with his tongue. He kisses his foot everywhere and continues to pour out all the parts. Then seeing these little toes all thin, he tastes them then sucks them like very tasty treats. By massaging them at the same time, the guy fucks them by chewing their toes. But a foot is not enough for this guy hooks to the legs. He takes both and then eats them and puts them at the same time in his mouth for a memorable satisfaction.

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